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La Sirena

Akumal Beachfront Vacation Rentals

La Sirena Condos and Villas, located on the north end of Half Moon Bay Akumal, is a small complex with a large beachfront and the most stunning views of the Mexican Caribbean available. It has the largest pool and gardens in Akumal and has what many insiders consider the best location in Akumal Mayan Riviera.


Akumal Beaches

Gifts of the Gods, as the Maya would say, Akumal’s beaches are beautiful both above and below water. There is a beach type for everyone. In addition to our beaches, there are many others, up and down the coast, all just 5-20 minutes from La Sirena. All are unique and each special.

Depending on the beach, there is great snorkeling, walking, wave playing, kite/wind surfing and of course great restaurants. There are so many that you can spend your entire time here, do nothing else, and yet not see them all!

Footsteps in the sand on a quiet Mayan Riviera beach
Swimming in a gorgeous cenote surrounded by the Yucatan jungle

Local Tips

Akumal is located in the heart of Mayan Riviera, so there are many things close by to see and experience. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Watch and learn about our 3 species of turtles and our many types of fishes in our vibrant reefs.
  • Have drinks on our beach at sunset and walk our bay at sunrise.
  • Being between the beach and jungle there are many unique plants and animals making the Riviera Maya natural tropical botanical gardens. As you move about your vacation, look around. It’s amazing what you will see.
  • Even if you are not a history buff, you MUST visit a Mayan ruin!
  • We are the only area in the WORLD to have cenotes. Visit one.

Major Attractions

Akumal means “Place of the Turtle” in Maya, and is also home to Yal-Ku lagoon. Akumal sits in the center of the Mayan Riviera which is unique to having Cenotes and Mayan Ruins.

Cenotes are natural pits/caverns that provide access to a large underground river running beneath the Yucatan. Being the only sources of natural fresh water, these have been used for centuries and can be enjoyed today.

The Maya were a dominant people who lived here for about 2000 years. Very sophisticated, they built many cities and temples, which are still being excavated. Akumal is very close to several major ones, making them easy to visit.

The intricate detailed carvings of the main building at Ek-Balam

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