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Akumal is the ultimate vacation spot known for its turtles, reefs, beaches, and Mayan ruins.

Sian Kahn must be seen from above to understand it's vastness


 The Mayan meaning of “where the sky is born”, Sian Ka’an is a vast 1000+ square mile world heritage biosphere where flora and fauna are still wild and raw.

If you are looking for the most deserted beach, come here.

We suggest taking a tour, as this is when a guide adds significant value. They know areas as well as the flora and fauna, and have access to all the facilities. One of our favorite tours is a Mayan canal snorkel tour.

There are also other tours that include zip lining, and off road vehicles.  We do have local companies to recommend.


Following the success of the few originals, over the past several years Eco-Parks have begun to proliferate.

There are now at least 10 in the region, several of which are very commercialized.

We still like the originals.

The Maya Riviera has many eco-parks, some with themes
Xcaret, a vast eco-park has many activities, including it's own floating river


A large all encompassing, Mayan version of Disney’s Epcot, this park includes a floating river, cultural performances, a Mayan cave, main shopping square, 2 chapels, Mexican wine cellars, hacienda, a Mayan village, and its own archaeological site.

As its price suggests, it definitely is an all day activity; at times they comp the 2nd day..


Run by the same company as XCARET, this is a Mexican version of SeaWorld built around a large natural lagoon that once was a Mayan interior port having the same name.

It has many water focused activities, some are extra cost.

If you can’t get enough of Yal-Ku, go here.


Xcaret, a vast eco-park has many activities, including it's own floating river
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