Beautiful Villa!

This 3 bedroom villa is quite comfortable, and is located in a beautiful and relaxing courtyard, just a few steps from Half Moon Bay. The 2nd floor master suite is huge, and has an amazing brick inlayed domed ceiling over the king sized bed. There is a big screened front porch for laying out wet gear, and there is a very nice 2nd floor patio that catches the breezes. The on-site property manager, Alfredo, is amazing! So friendly and helpful. The wi-fi had gone out at the home, and he had it fixed within 90 minutes! He also helped us make reservations for local attractions, and when I needed to vacuum our rental vehicle, he got a shop vac and did it himself for me! The pool is beautiful, and has some nice shade if you want to relax in it during the heat of the day. The beach area is accessed through a walkway under the adjacent condo building, and has plenty of lounge chairs and palapas for shade. Half Moon bay has some great snorkeling and coral reefs 50 yards from the shore! There is a bike rental at the development, and it is highly worth the $5 per day to have a bike for cruising back to Akumal Beach. We looked at a lot of options for our trip to this part of Mexico, and the price/value for this place was excellent.

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