This place is a true gem in a great location

SeaScape exceeded our expectations. As a couple that began visiting Akumal in 1994, we’ve never really been shattered by disappointment with our lodgings. That said, we have occasionally found ourselves shrugging off irksome surprises at an underachieving rental or two. But here absolutely everything lived up to the owner’s description. SeaScape is a gem. Bright and clean with an easy-gong vibe, the property had everything we needed for our week and we travel carry-on light. The condo complex nudges up to the waterfront at the north tip of Akumal, which remains endearingly laid-back despite the frenzied development that has occurred elsewhere in the region. The soothing murmur of the sea and the call of birds were all we heard from the ground-level, screened-in porch. Inside this cheerfully decorated, and clearly loved vacation home, we found soft beds, ample closet space, comfortable sitting areas, two large bathrooms, plenty of towels, an on-target guidebook to the area, and a fully equipped kitchen with a fantastic coffee maker. We did almost everything we wanted. We lounged. We tanned. We fended for ourselves, as we prefer. We practiced our Spanish, even though there’s plenty of tourist English to go around. We snorkeled in gentle waves just yards away. We rented bikes on site. We swam in a pristine pool that offered us with both sunny and shaded spots. We day-tripped, taking our niece to Tulum and other favorite spots. We uploaded giddy, sun-splashed photos to envious family and friends with SeaScape’s speedy wireless connection. We ate. We drank. We relaxed. The only thing we did not do was stay as long as we would have liked. For us, the toughest thing about staying here was leaving.

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