Vacation in a friend’s home on the bay

Staying at SeaScape is more like staying in a friend’s seaside home than staying in a timeshare (we were here for 10 days in early December). The decorations are attractive, the beds are comfortable, the layout is more spacious than in a Marriott 2BR timeshare, the air conditioning cools quickly (with units for each room), and there is more than enough closet space for both you and the things the owners have stored. And it all comes with excellent maid service…either every day or every other day, as you chose (Teresa is a very good maid). Dishware is not fancy, but it is plentiful and more than serviceable (plastic is good here, as it won’t break if you drop it on the nicely tiled flooring and is amenable to being used outdoors). Condiments and cleaning supplies are provided…just replace them or add to them when you leave. You may think you are facing east when stepping outside, but turn to the right in early evenings and you will see beautiful sunsets.

If you are a snorkeler, you can walk easily to the Yal-Ku lagoon for (what used to be) excellent snorkeling. During the time we were there, though, much of the lagoon was packed so densely with millions of sardine-like fish that you could not see the bottom. This was our only real disappointment. Did see one queen angel, but the other angels and the giant parrot fish we usually encountered were not to be found.

Bring water shoes if you have them and wish to snorkel in the bay in front of La Sirena. You will need them for wading out to where the water is deep enough to swim. And be careful where you step and where you put your hands, as there are many small spiny sea urchins that could give you an unpleasant surprise if you don’t.

For dining, we recommend the lion fish tacos and mojitos at Gynn’AK and the breakfasts and lunches at Turtle Bay Café and lunches at La Buena Vida. There are also two restaurants in town (across the highway) that, though lacking in atmosphere, serve very good meals at very reasonable prices: El Ultimo Maya and Tequilaville. And we had pleasant tacos at Imelda’s Kitchen, though there is certainly nothing fancy here. I’m sure there are other enjoyable dining spots, as we did not sample them all.

You will want a car. Akumal is a lengthy, stretched-out town (too far to walk for most) and you will want to be able to drive north to the relatively new Chedraui grocery etc. just outside the entrance to Puerto Aventuras (driving to Tulum is another possibility, though we did not do tha

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