Three Defining Foods of the Riviera Maya

Food is considered to be a universal language. It is what defines a certain region and provides an insight of its culture and tradition. The Riviera Maya is home to an abundance of rich produce, ranging from fresh seafood to a plethora of tropical fruit. And while it‘s true that the ingredients may be familiar, it is the preparation and the combination of these ingredients that define Riviera Maya food. For the past 17 years that I have been host... Read More

COVID in Riviera Maya

As my first blog, I’ve decided to write about probably the HOTTEST topic of 2020, but we hope not much longer: COVID-19. So how is COVID in Mexico? In particular, how is COVID in Ri... Read More

Akumal – Place of the Turtle

You might have heard the name Akumal a couple of times before during your travels. But have you ever stopped to think what akumal means? And moreover, have you ever wondered what's like t... Read More
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