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Cenotes were very significant to the Maya

The Yucatan peninsula does not have any above ground rivers; instead there is a large underground river system.

Reputed to be the world’s longest underground river, called the Sac Actun, meaning white cave, and is over 100miles long. It meanders all though our region, and because the ground is made soft and porous limestone, through the eons, caverns have developed and then followed holes through the ground into the caverns.

These holes are called cenotes.

Some cenotes are giant open swimming holes such as this one
Often Mayan ruins are found right next to cenotes, they were so important to the Mayans

Cenotes provided the Maya their water source, as well as shelter, and cenotes also played a strong religious role in their culture.

Cenotes are scattered throughout the jungles towards the interior; most larger cenotes are accessible off the main roads.

Most that are available for public access will charge an entrance fee.   The fee will vary based on the activity.

You can easily spend all of you time cenote hopping!

Some cenotes are vertical water-filled shafts, while others are caves, some connected together with pools and underwater passageways.

Some have beautiful stalactite formations, some are simply giant caverns.

Many are famous for snorkeling and diving.

There are even restaurants in cenotes!

Casa Cenote has wonderful swimming and is next to Tankah beach
The beauty of divign deep in a cenote

To us, there is nothing better than swimming or diving in a cenote on a hot day.  As the water comes from the underground river, it will be cool, refreshing and very clear.

Cenotes are living environments, so you will want to also be environmentally friendly.  In general, when visiting a cenote, bring as few things as possible as you don’t need much, and there may or may not be lockers.

Lock everything in the car’s trunk; expect mosquitos as you are in jungle; and except for the larger cenotes, don’t expect much in the way of concessions.

Finally, for most cenotes you do not need a guide.   But if you chose to dive one, you will need special training as well as a dive master guide.

We have chosen to list just a few of our favorites that are close by; there are 20+ available for visiting.

Akutunchen has a huge underground walkable cavern that is beautifully lit


The underground caves at Aktun Chen is listed as number 3 in the world as National Geographic’s TOP Underground Walks.

This walk includes the largest dry cave in the Yucatan, with an underground lagoon. Beautifully lit, it’s a treat, and very easy to walk.

Akun Chen also has ziplining, snorkeling, and a small nature preserve.

You can purchase combined tickets or single items.


Casa Cenote also known as Cenote Manatee, due to the manatees that used to reside here, is special due to its location, which is directly across from Tankah beach.

The cenote is completely open to the sky (no cavern) and surrounded by mangrove jungle.

It is right next to the beach road, and has an easy entrance, with minimal walking.

Snorkeling up to the river’s entrance is very relaxing, and kayaks can also be rented here.

This is a great place to go when you have a mixed group of snorkelers and non-snorkelers.

Casa Cenote is beautiful above ground cenote perfect for snorkeling
Dos Ojos is has 2 main caves for snorkeling, one from which scuba divers can bee seen below.


Cenote Dos Ojos, Two Eyes, is named as such because it two large circular cenotes with it´s famous cave system underneath, amounting to over 415 m of underwater magical world in the immediate area.


Perfect for snorkel or diving, snorkelers get the unexpected reward of being able to see the deep cave walls with the help of the scuba divers below.

As it has gotten much popular in the past few years, it is best to early to avoid the crowds.


Along 307, north of us about 10 miles, is wonderful for it’s native fresh water fish.

It has Yucatan native plants surrounding it, so is very natural, and very open providing a great snorkeling experience.

Close by are also, Chak-Mool and Tajmahal, which are primarily used for diving.

Ponderosa cenote is a huge open cenote and very inviting with ledges to sunbathe on
Grand Cenote, another open cenote, has a jumping platform and ropes and is snorkeler heaven


Along the Coba road, very large and one of the first.

Gorgeous, and it checks most of the boxes.

BUT many tours go there now, so it gets very busy. So go early in the day.

There are a couple of other cenotes close to by Gran, Carwash and Calavera which you may want to visit, to make a cenote day.


There are several outstanding cenotes near Valladolid, a small city, is about 1.5 hours from Akumal. Follows is some basic info on a few of them. And of course, we are happy to help make arrangements for seeing them.

Zaci – Cenote Zaci is a semi open cenote located in the center of town. Half is covered and the other half is open to the sky. Surrounded by native plants, and some stalactites, it’s perfect for refreshing in its waters after visiting the city. It is also one of the least expensive cenotes to visit.

Samula – The larger cenote as part of the Cenote Dzitnup, another stunning semi-open cenote, Samula’s main hole is huge. Like many, others, you need to descend steep stairs, to the cool water.

Soy Tun – This may be the first photos of a cenote that you’ve ever seen. Stunningly beautiful, due to the light beams that stream down through it’s the roof onto a circular stone platform below in it’s center. Swimming is allowed of course; water vests are required.

Light streams through the central hole in the top of the cenote Samula
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